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How to import several blogs (RSS feeds) to Facebook

I've been lazy, I used Google Translate to translate this text from Swedish to English. I apologize for the language. (Jag har varit lat, jag använde Google Translate för att översätta denna text från svenska till engelska. Jag ber om ursäkt för språket.)

Many of use and published on several blogs. The reason may eg be that we have a private blog, a corporate blog and blogs that are niche-oriented and contain only information within a certain topic.

For us who use Facebook as a social tool, there is a smooth function on Facebook that allows us to import the blog posts directly to Facebook using "Notes", and our friends can now read the information from your blog on Facebook (one way among others to reach more readers) .
The problem with Facebook is, at the time of writing, that you only can import one RSS feed (very strange, I think - the team behind Facebook should know that many bloggers have multiple blogs).

To circumvent this problem, you can create one RSS feed importing RSS feeds from all your blogs. One way of doing this is to use the Yahoo! Pipes.

1. Go to Yahoo! Pipes.

2. Then select Create a pipe.

Yahoo Pipes

3. In the right menu under the category Source, choose Fetch Feed (press the plus sign [+]). Then paste the URL of the RSS feeds for the first blog in the field. Then click the plus sign (+) next to the URL in the 'Fetch Feed' box, a new field are now emerging where you can add additional RSS feeds (continue until you have added all the RSS feeds you want publish).

4. In the right menu under the category Operators, select Place (press the plus sign [+]). Here, choose how you want the new RSS feeds tosort the imported RSS feeds. Personally I choose to sort the posts from my blogs in date order, where the newest posts appear first. To do this, select "Sort by item.pubDate in descending order".

5. Then take hold of the ring at the bottom of the box "Fetch Feed" and drag it to the top ring of the box "Sort", to connect the two boxes.

6. Then take hold of the ring at the bottom of the box "Sort" and drag it to the top ring of the box "Pipe Output", to connect the two boxes.

7. Click Save and then Run Pipe ...

8. Then select Get as RSS.

9. Copy the URL in your browser.

10. Log into your Facebook account. Go to Settings -> Application Settings -> Notes -> Edit import settings.

11. Paste the RSS feed URL from No 9 (above) and click Import.

Now it should be working. Multiple blogs will be imported to Facebook.